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The limits to theoretical saturation in realist explanation

source Janice Morse (2015) is quite clear what theoretical saturation is not in her recent editorial in Qualitative Health Research. It is not the accumulation of events to a point where we have heard everything there is to be … Continue reading

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I’m not dancing, I’m zigzagging

A second outing for a methodological investigation considering the metaphors we use to describe qualitative researching and the metaphors participants use to describe their experiences. My intention is to move from a metaphor of dance to a metaphor of zigzagging … Continue reading

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‘Research relations in process’ and ‘subjects in process: lessons from qualitative longitudinal research for sampling

Last week I gave a talk as part of Bren Neal’s workshop on advanced methods in qualitative longitudinal (QL) research for the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre sampling in QL research. Through conducting QL research as part of Timescapes (, … Continue reading

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Step 7: Theory (or put less grandly, ideas) always precede the choosing of cases

The positivist twist in Barney Glaser and Anselm Struass’s (1967) formulation of grounded theory was to insist on the theoretically sensitive researcher with no preconceptions. This was the working out of the implications of the philosopher John Stuart Mill’s tabula … Continue reading

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