This blog

This blog is about sampling, choosing cases in qualitative research, and realism. It accompanies the publication of my book, which zips these ideas together.

51sNAfRfAPL._AA160_The book is published by SAGE, ISBN: 9780857025104, and available from all good academic bookshops and Amazon, of course.

This blog sets out to present 39 steps to sampling and choosing cases in qualitative research.

I wanted to write the conclusion to this book as 39 steps, written as 39 tweets. But my editor wisely rejected the idea. She pointed out that tweets are only relatively enduring, tomorrow there may be no Twitter. For the moment we have this tool, and while describing each of the steps in 140 characters is fun, it is rather limiting.

So in this blog I will add height, and depth, and length, and breadth to these micro blogs. There will be occasional diversions from the 39 steps to explore particular methodological issues in more depth.

Many of these diversions will, I hope, respond to your comment, observations, experiences, case studies, and argument to challenge, test, and refine the ideas presented here.

Nick Emmel

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